Range Rules

Our state-of-the-art shooting range is designed to provide a safe and immersive environment for both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to firearms. To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all visitors, we kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with the range of rules outlined below. Before we allow you to use our gun range, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver form acknowledging these rules. Your commitment to these guidelines helps us maintain a welcoming community dedicated to responsible shooting practices.

  1. Everyone must follow all federal, state, and local firearm laws.
  2. The four basic rules of firearm safety must be obeyed at all times:
    • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
    • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction (downrange).
    • Be certain of your target and what is beyond it.
    • Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  3. All individuals using the range must sign a waiver.
  4. Genesis Impact Sports reserves the right to refuse the use of the range or service to any person for any reason.
  5. Keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to shoot.
  6. Eye and ear protection are mandatory in order to enter the range.
  7. No automatic or simulated automatic gunfire is allowed.
  8. If you drop something, never reach or step across the firing line or shooting booths.
  9. Dry firing is only allowed on the firing line.
  10. You can only draw from a holster if you have taken and passed the “Drawing from a Holster” certification class.
  11. Do not pass loaded firearms from one booth to another.
  12. If a jam or other malfunction occurs and you cannot clear the problem, leave the firearm on the shooting bench and ask a range officer or employee for help.
  13. Do not leave the firing line with a loaded or jammed firearm.
  14. Report any negligent discharges or damages to range equipment immediately to a range safety officer or Genesis staff.
  15. If a ceasefire is called, unload your firearm with the cylinder open or slide locked back, and step back from the shooting line.
  16. Use only authorized firearms on the range.
  17. Do not crossfire at targets on other lanes.
  18. Use only approved targets (ask staff if unsure). Targets are available for purchase, too.
  19. All firearms must be cased and unloaded when entering the store or range (excluding concealed firearms and law enforcement).
  20. No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the range without a parent or legal guardian’s direct supervision.
  21. No reloads / hand loads are allowed. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm.
  22. If shooting a shotgun, only slugs are allowed.
  23. No tracer, incendiary, explosive, armor piercing, steel core, nor shot shells are allowed.
  24. No black powder nor muzzleloaders are allowed on the range.
  25. Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited on the range.
  26. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
  27. For safety, pregnant women are not allowed on the range (lead contamination and concussive force can be harmful to a fetus).
  28. Anyone displaying unsafe actions will be warned to correct their behavior and/or asked to leave. Genesis Impact Sports reserves the exclusive right to terminate your range time and/or membership at any time without a refund.
  29. For your safety, we do not suggest open-toed shoes or open tops; however, we leave it to your discretion. NOTE: When brass ejects from a firearm, it is very hot!
  30. Be courteous and aware of any shooters on the range.
  31. Range safety officers and Genesis employees have the authority to remove anyone from the range who is not adhering to any of these rules at any time.
A person firing a handgun down range at targets

Ready to Sign Your Waiver?

Before you can use our gun range, we need you to acknowledge the above rules by signing our online waiver form.