Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our shooting range, firearms training courses, or gun shop? Below, we've assembled some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. This includes general questions, shooting range questions, firearms training questions, and gun sales questions.

General Questions

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We’re open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM and Sunday from 1 PM to 6 PM.

  • Do you offer discounts for law enforcement or the military?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount on anything in store, including memberships (not including firearms, shooting range, or sales items).

  • Can I bring drinks or snacks into your facility?

    No, outside food and drinks are not allowed in our facility.

Shooting Range Questions

  • Do I need a membership to shoot at Genesis Impact Sports?

    No. We are an open range, which means you do not need a membership. However, a membership is the most economical way to enjoy our range.

  • Are memberships transferable?

    Memberships are non-transferable.

  • How much does it cost to use the range?

    One-hour lane/range time for one person:

    • Member Price: Free
    • Non Member Price: $23

    Guest fee (share lane with another person):

    • Member Price: Memberships include 4 free guest passes. After that, guest fees are $5.
    • Non Member Price: $5

    Eyes and ears rental:

    • Member Price: $2
    • Non Member Price: $2

    Eyes rental:

    • Member Price: $1
    • Non Member Price: $1

    Ears rental:

    • Member Price: $1
    • Non Member Price: $1

    Firearm rental:

    • Member Price: $15
    • Non Member Price: $15
  • Is there a minimum age to shoot?

    There is no minimum age to shoot at Genesis Impact Sports. However, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or an adult who has been approved by the parent or legal guardian.

  • How many people can use one lane?

    We allow 2 people per lane.

  • What do I need to do in order to shoot on the range?

    When you come, complete the safety waiver in store on our computer or online using this website. Range staff will assign you a lane, check your firearm and ammo, and ensure you have proper eye and ear protection. You can purchase ammunition, targets, and eye and ear protection at the range counter.

  • Do you have guns for rent?

    Yes, we have a range of handguns and long guns available for rent. You can try as many firearms as you like for $15 per hour. When renting a firearm from us, you must also purchase your ammunition at the range.

  • Can I shoot rifles and/or shotguns on the range?

    Yes, we will allow all rifles firing rounds with a maximum caliber of .50BMG. Shotguns are limited to firing slugs.

  • Can I shoot black powder?

    No, we do not allow black powder firearms.

  • Is there a maximum number of guns I can bring to the range?

    No. There is no maximum number of guns you can bring to the range.

  • How should I transport a firearm to your range?

    We ask that all firearms be unloaded and cased when being transported to the range if possible.

  • How much does ammunition cost?

    Ammo prices vary based on the caliber and manufacturer of the ammo, as well as the quantity of ammunition you’re purchasing. Please call to inquire about ammo costs.

  • Can I shoot my own ammunition, or do I have to buy from you?

    If you’re renting one of our guns, we require you to purchase ammunition from us. Otherwise, you can shoot your own ammunition. However, we do not allow steel core, tracer, or incendiary rifle ammunition.

  • When is the last call for renting a lane?

    One hour prior to close.

  • What type of safety equipment do I need?

    Ear protection, safety glasses, and closed toed shoes are required on the range. Hats are recommended but optional. We also strongly suggest that you not wear low-cut shirts in order to prevent being burned by hot brass. Ear protection and safety glasses are available for rent or purchase.

  • What type of target system does the range use?

    Action Target is the system used by Genesis Impact Sports.

  • What type of safety features does the range have?

    The backstop of our range is capable of stopping up to a .50 BMG. We have concrete-filled masonry walls, armored shooting stalls, ballistic glass observation windows, and a ventilation system. This range has been designed with safety as the number one priority.

  • Does your range support physically handicapped shooters?

    Yes, all of our stalls are wheelchair accessible.

  • Do you host group events?

    Yes! Our events coordinator can plan your party, team building event, or fundraising event.

    • Our events packages include:
    • Lane reservations
    • Firearm rentals
    • Meeting space for 20+ with LCD TV w/ HDMI connection.

    For more information, please email our events coordinator here:

  • Can I pick up my brass casings?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can we shoot on the range if we are from a different country?

    Yes, as long as you have a government issued ID (Passport, Driver license, etc).

  • When is the last call for renting a lane?

    One hour prior to close.

Firearms Training Questions

  • What firearms training classes do you offer?

    Currently, we offer a Handgun 1, Women’s Only Handgun, and Concealed Carry classes.

  • I have never shot before. Do I need to take a class?

    You do not need prior instruction in order to shoot at our range. We do require first-time shooters to notify our range personnel so that they can be given guidelines on how to operate their firearm safely.

    Although instruction is not required, we offer private instruction and a wide variety of classes for everyone from beginners to veteran shooters. We always encourage firearm training to enhance proficiency and safety.

Gun Sales Questions

  • What is required to purchase a firearm in the state of Wisconsin?

    In Wisconsin, you must be either 18 to purchase a long gun or 21 to purchase a handgun. In order to confirm your age, you’ll be asked to present a valid state-issued ID. In addition, although there is no licensing requirement to purchase a firearm in Wisconsin, any purchase made through a licensed dealer will require a background check.

    Many FFLs (including Genesis Impact Sports) will not sell to out-of-state residents. This is due to the FFLs’ requirement to uphold your resident state’s gun laws, and the inherent complexity associated with many states.

  • How long is the waiting period to buy a handgun, rifle, or shotgun in the state of Wisconsin?

    Wisconsin does not have a specific waiting period for purchasing a gun. However, Wisconsin law requires federally licensed firearm dealers to complete a background check that may take up to 5 days.

  • What is the process for buying a firearm online?

    Have the transferring FFL email a copy of their FFL license to with the email subject: Attn: Firearms Transfer (your name), (your phone number).

    Genesis Impact Sports will call you when the firearm has been received and is ready for you to complete your 4437 form and pick up your firearm.

  • Do you special order firearms?

    Yes. If we don’t have what you want we will be happy to order it (if it’s in stock). Please call our store or email

  • Do you offer lay-away for firearms?

    Not at this time.

  • Do you have a gunsmith?

    Yes, we do have a gunsmith. Please call or email ( in advance to inquire about any work that needs to be done

  • Do you accept returns?

    On firearms and ammunition, we do not accept returns. We do allow returns on other products, as long as:

    • The product was purchased in the last 30 days
    • You have the receipt for the purchase
    • You have the packaging for the product
    • The product packaging isn’t damaged